97% Email Verification and Money Back Guarantee

Remove spam traps, fake, invalid, obsolete, and unused email addresses easily using our web panel or API and protect yourself from bad reputation caused by your email service provider.

Spam-Trap Cleaning

Cleaning of all records that match with our intelligent spam-trap indicators.

Risk Analysis

Performs scans against high-risk keywords in the e-mail address.

Domain Control

Domain names are checked for invalid, disabled, or stopped domains.

Authenticity Control

Sends confirmation mails to e-mail addresses that cannot be determined correctly.

By checking the authenticity of your e-mail addresses, you can increase the opening rates of your campaigns easily.
— Abdullah Karakullukcu, Sendpulse Turkey


Why Do You Need to Confirm Your Email Addresses!

Posts with high bounce rates are usually dropped automatically into the spam folder. If similar submissions continue, your IP is under risk of being blocked and your accountability could drop.

It takes a long time to reverse these situations. But if you send e-mail marketing submissions to an up-to-date and clean list, you will save time and you will not waste your money by posting to non-used, invalid e-mail addresses. E-mail lists have to be below a 10% of the bounce rate, and you reach this by performing periodical list clean-ups. As a result, your IP and account reputation will increase and your posts will easily reach the inboxes.



What does Checkmail exactly check?

You decided that you want to do e-mail marketing and marketing using the e-mail data that you have available. So far you have collected e-mail lists that you get from many different providers or channels. But how many of these e-mail addresses are active and available? So, that is why we should clear our email lists using the features listed on the side.

At this point, you will start to reach the highest levels of opening rates.


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